The Latest Social trend from the author who started the 'Cougar' movement

The Latest Social trend from the author who started the 'Cougar' movement

  • Single and over 50?
  • Afraid to date?
  • Would love to meet someone new?

The Later Dater  takes you step by step to relationship success!

Now available - The Later Dater in print!

With an overwhelming demand for Valerie's new book to be available on coffee tables, nightstands, and all sorts of other furniture, The Later Dater is now available in print!
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I'll be on The Zoomer episode Modern Woman airing on Vision TV Monday, September 14 at 9 pm ET! Don't forget to watch and learn a little about what it means to be a "Later Dater"...

I had the pleasure of taping another episode last week of The Zoomer Show (Vision TV) with hosts Faith Goldy and Marissa Semkiw and alongside Conrad Black. (Details of airing to be given later). The theme was "Who is the Modern Woman" - her attitudes to values, goals, roles and challenges of today as well as sex, romance and the future of feminism. It was most interesting and fun - the all-female panel included Suzanne Boyd, the editor of Zoomer Magazine and a wide ranging views and opinions.

Just did an interview with CBC Radio Vancouver on my book The Later Dater and gave tips for older women who are considering getting into the dating world again.

The online dating website Zoosk interviewed me recently about "The Six things Women Should Know About Men in their 50s. Here is the link to the article. Also about my views on "Is Age Just a Number?" - article coming up soon.

Recently attended the Zoomer wrap-up party for Moses Znaimer's Ideacity three-day conference. Fun evening spent in the company of Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace and Lord Nigel Lawson, Lord Lawson of Blaky, who was editor of The Spectactator (U.K.) newspaper 1966-70 and Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) under the Margaret Thatcher government until 1992. He is now Chairman of the Global Warmup Policy Foundation. Fascinating conversation with great men

November 2014

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Perhaps you've already seen Valerie on the cover of Active Life!
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Valerie is the speaker and moderator and Christine Bentley the MC at The Joy of Aging 2014 annual event on Sunday, November 9th, 9:30 - 1:30 a.m. at Bellevue Manor, 8083 Jane Street, Vaughan. Joined by a panel of top doctors, Valerie will be talking about joyful aging with this years' subject "Igniting The Spark in Your Relationship" . The event is in aid of the Mackenzie Health Foundation. Tickets are $75 which includes brunch and refreshments, live music and entertainment, booths, door prizes etc.
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April 2014

Valerie Gibson, the author of The Later Dater: A Guide For The Newly Single Woman Over 50 is interviewed by Athena McKenzie in the current edition of Zoomer magazine (page 63). The new e-book is also featured in the March/April issue of Active Life magazine (page 16).

February 2014

Valerie Gibson is on the Zoomer's Show with Conrad Black!
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(First aired: Monday, February 10th, 2014)

"I want women to embrace aging rather than fear it, and, if they wish, to find a great relationship again. Above all, I want to boost their self esteem and show them how to enjoy this fascinating part of their lives to the fullest."

I AM a relationships expert, writer, author, speaker and media personality. I am also a pioneer in the field of helping mid and late-life women explore relationships and sexuality.

In 2001, my book Cougar launched the concept into a skeptical world that single women over 40 are sensual, sexual, desirable, valuable to society and, especially, attractive to younger men. The word, as applied to such exciting women, became internationally recognized and entered the English language.

With my latest book THE LATER DATER, I continue my objective by spotlighting a generally disregarded and ignored pathway for single women over 50, showing them how to find and enjoy another relationship, whether same age, older or younger, by understanding the modern dating scenario.